Manic Mondays Meal Prep!

Happy Monday! Mondays are my busiest day of the week! But they are necessary to set the week up for success! Mondays are my grocery days and if I don’t get to the store on Monday then the whole week is screwed up! 🙂 It’s kinda like not going to church on Sunday…for us…it throws the whole week off!

But let me back up…before Monday can be successful there’s some planning that takes place on Sunday afternoons. The more you get to know me, you will learn that I am a huge creature of habit! If somethings works well and isn’t broken then why try to fix it?! However…I know not everyone is wired this way. For instance, my husband! If there are 50 different ways to get home from work, he will use them all! Not me! I pick the best one and stick with it and know it like the back of my hand! So for me, Sundays and Mondays are my concrete prep days for all our meals.

Here I will share with you how I meal prep for the week and share some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years!

First and foremost, a rule in our house is if you use the last of something…shampoo, crackers, cereal, toilet paper…you TELL Alexa to put it on the shopping list! lol!! We have the Echo Show and it is glorious! Anyone can yell across the house to tell her and BOOM! Done! That makes my life so much easier. And everyone knows that if its not on the list, I don’t get it and then you have to make due without until the next Monday! (Unless it’s super important, and then I will make another trip out) 😉

On Sunday afternoon, I get out my calendar for the week (I use the Informant 5 app…the one app I cannot live without, but that’s for another post), my dry erase boards and marker (so childish and archaic but cheap and easy), cookbooks, go to recipes, and lunch menus. And about an hour later I’m ready for the incoming week.

This is on the side of our new fridge, I won’t be able to use this method for long. This will be a cabinet incasing the fridge. I’ll have to figure that out later! 🙂

As you can see, I have a dry erase board just for the girl’s lunches and then one for family dinners. My middle schooler eats a lunch from home everyday, her school is very large and she doesn’t want to stand in line and waste time, she’d rather be eating, which I get. My 4th grader gets to pick, home or school lunch. I write down LB for lunch box and SL for school lunch so I know what I’m doing the morning of. Then I fill in what I will pack them and make sure we have everything needed for lunches. If not, I add it to my pre-made grocery list I keep in my notes on my phone.

By looking at the calendar I map out quick and easy dinners for soccer practice nights and add them to the board. On less busy nights I usually cook meals that take more time. I also add breakfast items to the board so the girls know what their options are. Then I add my tasks for the week. I’m a check the box kinda girl and get great satisfaction crossing things off the to do list. I make notes about special meals…like our “dinner at home” for Valentines Day! And if we are going to party and I volunteer to take something, or brownies for the teachers appreciation day, etc., all those go on my little dry erase board. Once the boards are loaded I take inventory and if I need something for that particular meal, it goes on my list. And finally I ask Alexa to show me my shopping list and jot down anything I may have missed (or let’s be real what I didn’t know we were out of…lol). Then off to the store…

A page and half later we are finally at Monday! I get to the store as soon as I drop off the kids at school and then home to prep and put away. As I pick stuff up from the store I just delete it from my notes. Simple, easy, and free! I prep as much as possible on Monday. So my kitchen is usually nice and warm from running the oven all day. I don’t buy bread, I make a loaf every week. I try to feed my family as few preservatives as possible. And by the looks of our fridge…I could do a better job! LOL! So making bread is an easy one for me. I also bake muffins or make chia bars for the girls for breakfast. I rinse and chop all fruits and veggies and put them in plastic containers. If I don’t do this, we won’t eat them, for some weird reason!

So day by day I check meals off the list. Sometimes things pop up and we meet friends out for dinner when I had a meal prepped. If a meal doesn’t get made it’s easy just to put it on the next weeks rotation…one more meal that is ready to go! I also try and do a rotation of fish, chicken, pork, and beef recipes. We always have a serving of fruit and veggies with every meal.

Can we just talk about this fridge for a minute?! I am loving it! Look at all this space!

I still have the protective covering on it…we will remove it once construction is done!
My girls call this the secret door…its a door inside the door…for easy access and for efficiency.
Plenty of space!
Full pull out freezer door!
Bottom draw of the freezer! LOVE!

I hope this has been helpful to you! Happy prepping!


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