LOVE is in the air!

Happy Valentines Day Eve friends! I hope you have plans tomorrow to do something fun with the ones you love! Ours will be pretty low key, but that’s just what we need! A night at home as a family! More about that later!. But for right now I want to share something that I absolutely love and it was a super easy fix to an organizational nightmare we had going on. We have a small landing outside our kitchen door that leads down into our garage. Everyone would kick off their shoes as they came in and it was a huge pile of shoes. No one could find their shoes and it made leaving in the mornings very hectic. So I decided to organize it! Here’s what I came up with.

Everyone has their own cubby, except for my husband…his shoes are a bit bigger than the rest of us! 🙂

I painted the entire stairwell to brighten it up. I used the wooden crates you see everywhere (Michaels, Target, Walmart), spray painted them black, stacked them together and voila! The crates normally don’t hang off the edge. We are currently remodeling our home. So this will soon be hardwood. And the crates will fit perfectly. This is great to find all our every day shoes! We have tennis shoes, soccer cleats, golf shoes, boots and even flip flops. I hung a dry erase board where we leave fun little notes or words of encouragement to each other. I change the decor on top to match the season. Its also a great place for keys (which we put in a small tray) and wallets, and sunglasses. All those things you need as your walking out the door!

A place to catch all the things!
A view as your coming up the stairs.

Don’t mind the missing trim either. I can’t wait to get the new trim up! It will look so nice! I love how this turned out. It was super easy and its super functional! Just perfect for what we needed!

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