Valentine’s Day!

Happy love day all! We are off to a busy day! Before everyone left for school and work, we all exchanged valentines! These are my people…and I love them to pieces! Here’s a peek

For my oldest daughter…

For my youngest daughter…
For my handyman husband…
And the beautiful flowers the hubs got me. Lily’s are my fav…so he did well! Plus I am loving this glimpse into spring!
And my thoughtful SIL dropped these off for us all…she’s the best! A box full of donuts from the local bakery! In her handwritten note 😍

Valentine’s At Home

I love a good theme…don’t you? So here’s some home decor and my valentines OOTD!

Our mantel in the living room. The brown brick is about to get a face lift! We are painting it white soon as part of the home remodel.

We always have a basket of books next to the fireplace. Even though the girls aren’t little anymore they still love to grab one of these and read them before bed. It’s kinda like a tradition for us…one that this Momma’s heart will always cherish and never tell them no…well unless it’s way past bed time! 😉

And here’s some wall hangings that make me smile…and laugh! The picture on the left is nestled in the corner of our office…it’s my very special “War Corner” and its my favorite place in the mornings! More about that later! an The picture on the right is part of my gallery wall at the end of our hallway. More to come about that too!

And last but not least…what I’m wearing today! I’m getting ready to head out the door to go party with my youngest (4th grade) in her classroom! Lots of sugar to be had…oh boy!

Just a casual pair of dark jeans, a stripped red shirt and white puffy vest over. Paired it with rose gold jewelry and my fav keds! It’s a glorious 60 degree, sunny day in the mid-west! In February?!?!
Tada! Let’s roll!
And this nail color to perfect for valentines! I love pairing a good red and good pink!

Have fun celebrating today! You are loved!



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