Catch up day!

Happy day friends! Wow…we had a crazy busy weekend! My oldest had a church retreat all weekend so that meant my youngest and I had a Mommy/ Daughter weekend…just us! My husband is away on business. We had a movie night Friday! We ate popcorn and candy and watched Ant-man and the Wasp…we are big marvel fans…and it did not disappoint! Saturday we went to my parent’s house and just chilled with them. It’s always good to go home and refresh the soul…you are never too old to go home! Sunday we went to church…and while I’m thinking of it, I will show you my cute denim dress I wore to church…

An oldie but goodie! This denim dress is sooo comfy! Paired it with black leggings and boots. Some turquoise and gold jewelry, pulled my hair into a top knot and got out the door! I LOVE these bell sleeves! The detail on them is dainty but is the perfect amount!

We had lunch after church at Panera’s…her choice! Then off to a family birthday party. The we headed back to church for Fusion (our church’s teen ministry), I lead a group of freshman girls…and teenagers are the best! Finally we all went home and crawled into bed…extremely pooped!

So today is CATCH UP DAY! My kids have the day off of school for President’s day. We all slept in and got caught up some zzz’s! Which felt really good! I thought homemade donuts were a must since my girls were home! The smell of coffee brewing and donuts sizzling was amazing!

These are so incredibly easy and delicious! They literally take 10 minutes!

I get out my go to skillet, pour in some canola oil (filled to about half with the oil), and put it on high heat. While that’s heating up, I get out a can of biscuits (don’t use the flakey kind) and using a sharp knife make a circle in the biscuit and pop out the donut “hole”. By the time I’m done with all eight biscuits the oil is piping hot. Be prepared to work fast. I have a plate with a paper towel ready to go. I place 4 donuts at a time in the oil. You can see when the bottom starts to brown. Using tongs, I flip them over and let the other side brown….it takes seconds so be ready. I pull them out and place them on the paper towel. I finish them all and then do the “holes.” When they are all cooked I roll them in a pie pan that has a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and you are done! Mmmmmm good! My girls were excited when they rolled out of bed!🙂🍩You can use powdered sugar, or icing or whatever you like!

With catch up day comes the dreaded mountain of laundry that I haven’t touched since at least last Thursday! UGH! But I will say, I really don’t mind being in my laundry room now! We remodeled it and it is fabulous! I told my husband since I spend most of my time there I wanted it as girly as all get out…I can have one room right?! 😉 So here are some before pictures…

Demo! We tore out everything and put in new drywall, new subfloor, new plumbing. That’s me “helping”! LOL! I decided I needed an apple. 😉I painted the ceiling a light pink and the walls a BRIGHT pink. You will find out I am not afraid of color! Ha! We put the washer and dryer (that dryer is almost 15 years old…and I can not part with it. It works like a charm!) and new mud sink back in along with our new hardwood floors and beautiful trim. And now here are some after pictures…

I LOVE how it turned out! I could not wait to get in and organize it!

This new mud sink works like a charm! And it’s pretty too! It fits that space perfectly!

This folding table was made by my brother. The top is actually painted the same light pink as the ceiling but it’s hard to tell in this lighting. I have teal as my contrasting color! I hung some cute laundry art above the table. My husband built this pantry for me. It is so functional! Everyone throws their dirty clothes in the right basket and then I throw it into the wash…easy peasy!
I labeled each basket…so there’s no excuses why clothes don’t end up in the right place! 😉
The last cubby is supposed to have the “empty” basket in it but our kitty needed a place for his bed…he is our first baby…

He just turned 17…he’s our old man but I think he approves!

all the things neatly labeled! So easy to grab what you need and get the job done!
The cookbooks will find a new home once the kitchen is done…but for now at least they are neat and tidy!
A small trash can for lint and empty cat food cans, and all of the other kitty stuff neatly organized as well under the mud sink!

I found these cute little white flowers and had to have them. I have no idea what that wet mark is on the ironing board! ha! 🤷‍♀️
Every girly laundry room needs a bubble chandelier!

And last but not least…I wanted to show you how I use the hanger system and drying rack. I never dry our “good clothes”(school clothes, work clothes, uniforms, etc). Most things get hung up to dry. And these two systems are a must! They both hold a ton of clothes but are still usable in a smaller room!

Hoping each and every one of you have a great and happy week!


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