No Morning Battles

Happy bedtime! As we wind down for the day, we are getting ready for school in morning. Everyone is showered and has packed their backpacks. As I mentioned before I have 2 girls. These 2 said girls could care less about fashion, clothes, bling, etc…and I am totally ok with that! However…a long time ago I had to figure out how to escape the morning battles about what to wear to school. This method has worked ever since kindergarten. So, since it’s not broke, we keep doing it! It’s just part of the routine…just like brushing their teeth! The night before they pick out the next days outfit. They are more than welcome to pick it out themselves, but 9 times out of 10 they don’t. They just don’t care.

We have command hooks on their wall with a hanger on it. We just load it up with everything. Shirt, pants, under garments, socks, and shoes and then there is no fuss in the morning! It’s bliss!

You can kinda see their rooms…again…nothing girly…Star Wars and Harry Potter…I’ll have to give you a tour later!

Happy sleeping!


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