Wednesdays are the best!

Happy soggy, wet, cold, freezing rain mid-west Wednesday! I am so over this weather! We haven’t seen the sun in days! But knowing spring is just around the corner gives me hope! Before I tell you why Wednesday are the best, I want to show you my OOTD. I had to run a few errands early this morning and then I was home for the rest of the day. Since I had to get out in the slush I wanted to show you how cute these boots are!

my throw on for a quick errand
I love this pop of purplish pink…it kinda goes with anything!

With this nasty weather…this comfy sweatshirt was calling my name…

softest sweatshirt with black leggings and purple rain boots…need I say more 😉
It has a great high low cut so the length is perfect in the back!
I love the natural look for chill days…its quick and easy…so minimal make up for today

A quick twist of the hair and pin it down (I have super thick, heavy hair so I always need a million bobby pins, lol) and I’m ready to run out the door

And a little side note…here’s how I styled my girls hair this morning…one has super thick and heavy hair like me and the other has very thin hair…and this braid works great for both of them as you can see so it’s a win win I thought you might like!

So I bet you are wondering why I think Wednesdays are the best! Well…my college student comes to hang out on Wednesdays and it is a highlight of my week! You see, this past summer our College Pastor from our church asked me if I would be interested in mentoring a college student. I had no idea what that meant (and still don’t really) but it sounded fun so I prayed about it and then I said yes. My student is an amazing human. She comes every Wednesday and we sit and chat and hang out! I usually make us lunch and coffee(but sometimes we go out to eat, shop, what have you)! Here’s a peek at the table spread for today…I love hosting!

We talk about life. We talk about faith, friends, family, decisions to be made, dreams to be had, past experience and future hopes. Nothing is off the table. When the opportunity presents itself, she hangs out with all 4 of us. My girls adore her! And I love it! She is such a blessing to me! She is smart, artistic, hard working, kind, funny, happy, helpful, sweet, full of energy and loving. She has a beautiful heart and I can’t wait to see the awesome things she does for Jesus and what this life has in store for her. I’m honored to get to walk along side of her. So friends, if you ever get the chance to invest in a college student…do it! You will probably get as much out it as she does.

After my student left, I ran and picked up the kids from school. My best friend and her family had us over for dinner. My heart is so full today! That’s why Wednesdays are the best!


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