Delightful Dining

I absolutely love a good dining room! Ours is place where we all gather every night. I love sitting around the table, talking about our day, and sharing a meal. A game we often play is called Roses and Thorns. We go around the table and each person has to tell about the best part of their day (Roses) and the worst part of their day (Thorns). It’s an awesome way to get the conversation started…and a good way for us parents to get around the “How was your day”…”Good” roadblock that our kids love to throw at us! Even though our kids are crazy busy, we find a way and make eating dinner together a huge priority. That usually means we eat at 4:30p…lol! My kids would rather eat super early and then go tackle soccer practice and homework. They usually get a snack after practice but they want that full belly to give them the energy they need to finish off the day. That also means my husband comes home from work earlier than most. And we are thankful for that opportunity and realize that’s not the norm. But by leaving early, sometime he has to pull out the laptop and finish up some work at home. A sacrifice he’s willing to make. Around this table we play board games and cards. We host dinners for our friends and family. My dining room is a place that makes my heart full and happy! This is my dining room. Take a look…

Before remodel….
During remodel…
During remodel…
After remodel…
I am sooooo happy with how it turned out. This is my favorite place in the whole house…my coffee bar! Because I LOVE COFFEE! It makes me smile!
This table is where we do life. It has seen many hours of conversations.
The floors are beautiful, my coffee bar is perfect, and I love all the pops of color. I told you I wasn’t afraid of color..HA! And I love my new retro chandelier!
This is right off the kitchen door that leads in from the garage. There really isn’t a nook for purses and backpacks…so we just made one. We always come in through the garage so this is where everyone dumps their bags and coats. The magnet board above the hooks is very special…we collect magnets from our family travels and they live here. It’s a great reminder of all the memories we’ve made.

I hope you get to relax around a good dinging room table this weekend, enjoy some good food, good conversation, and good company! Happy dining!


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