Sunny Sunday

Happy Sunday friends! It is finally sunny here! It’s beautiful out…however…we are experiencing 25mph winds…but hey…at least the sun is out!😉 Our feline is enjoying it too…

How handsome is he?! His name is Maximus. He is a flame point siamese. He has a giant personality! He knows he is not supposed to be on the furniture…but he’s 17 and I don’t have the heart to make him move. ❤️

I just wanted to share with you a quick snap shot of my outfit that I wore to church today.

All of these pieces I have had forever…I love going through my closet and mixing and matching what I already have! I paired this chambray shirt with white jeans and leopard print sperry’s. Added some jewelry and tada!
Used my flat iron to make waves in my hair…and again pulled my bangs back out of my eyes…lol!

This grey nail color is awesome…I think it can be a summer, fall or spring color! It’s Sinful Colors Nail Polish So Daupe. And here’s my mustard jacket again! It goes so well with so many outfits!

But I ended up going with this awesome brown leather jacket!

I hope your Sunday was relaxing and fulfilling. Here’s to another week! Make it a happy one!


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