Gallery Wall Remodel

Have any of you lived through a remodel? Oh my word! I think it would have been easier to build a brand new house! Living in construction is not for the faint of heart!! I know they say “never say never,” but I’m going to say it anyway! We are NEVER doing this again! lol! All we wanted to do was replace our worn out carpet with some beautiful hardwood floors. That snowballed into a whole house remodel! I keep kidding everyone that we will have the oldest new house on the block! Have you ever seen that movie Money Pit?!! lol! Okay…it’s not that bad!

Our house was built in 1932. The layout is very unique! We live on a little over an acre…in town!!! We are surrounded by woods. It takes 4 minutes to drive the girls to school, or they can walk home. We can walk the bike trails to old downtown where there are shops and restaurants, or be in the heart of the city in 15 minutes. We can be home to our parents houses in 30 minutes and to work in 30 minutes too. We really have the best local this town has to offer. It’s as close to country living as I’ll get and I’ll take it, with all its perks!! So that’s why we decided to stay and fix what needed fixing instead of trying to sell and move.

Before the remodel, I really struggled on how to decorate our hallway. I would just hang pictures that didn’t have home there. It kinda became a catch all. It didn’t have any rhyme or reason. I hated it! So as my husband finished the up flooring I knew I had to figure out the look that I was going to go for. I knew I wanted some kind of “gallery wall” at the end of the hallway. As kind of an anchor. Or a statement wall, if you will. As I was out and about shopping, if I saw something that was cute I grabbed it. I did that for several weeks and just threw it all in a pile. I also knew I wanted big pictures lining the hallway…all in matching frames…kinda leading you to the gallery wall. I want friends and family to take walk down memory lane as they head to the bathroom. 😉

After all my hunting and gathering. I started to assemble the walls. I started with laying out all the gallery wall findings on the floor. That way I could move them around until I found the perfect places for everything. Then using brown paper, I cut out all sizes of wall hangings and taped it to the wall. I took a hammer and nail, and placed the nail, ripped down the brown paper and put that particular picture in its proper place. And it turned out beautiful and just what I was envisioning!! I am so happy how it turned out. It has symmetry and personality. And I love walking down my hallway and seeing all the memories we have as a family! Take a look at the journey:

The hallway…yes that is the basement that you can see. 😳 The new subfloor and the new hardwood was laid down and then the trim.

This is how the hallway greats you from the front door. These picture are metal. I got them for Christmas. We took these pictures and they are places we have been. Hawaii, Colorado, Biltmore. The images are so crisp! My husband ordered them online from Mpix…I highly recommend their site!!! I’m pretty sure I cried when I opened these. They are so special to me. Also…I see we still need to caulk our trim seams… 🤣
These are black square document frames from Walmart. They cost $2 or less a piece! They are 8.5 x 11. I sent all my photos to Mpix to have them made to the correct size. There are 24 total lining the hallway. Mpix is crazy reasonable! High quality and fast delivery!
More family memories! I love looking at these everyday and remembering all the good times and awesome places we’ve been. I love my family! And these are leading right to the gallery wall at the end!
And the end…the “Gallery Wall”! It’s a mixture of family pictures, cute sayings, a letter board that I change to match the season, and knickknacks!

Don’t be afraid to go after something new. You may surprise yourself! This remodel outcome totally surprised me! Take your time, plan it out, and have fun while doing it! Happy decorating!


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