It’s Show Time!

What an awesome weekend we had! My oldest daughter is involved her school’s drama/theater program. It’s called Act 1. The kids have been working really hard since Christmas on their performance of the musical Honk Jr. It’s the classic Ugly Duckling story with a middle school twist…lol! It was so good! The kids are very talented and did a great job. Since middle school began our days have been flying by…so every day I feel like my kids are literally growing up before my eyes. Seeing her up on that stage made me realize how grown up she really is…which I had mixed emotions about. She will always be my baby but I’m so proud of the young lady she is becoming…all in the same breathe! I just want to capture each of these moments and cherish them in my heart. I really don’t want to miss a thing. So I try really hard to be “present” and push out all the worries and to do’s that sometimes cloud what’s really important.

The outfits were adorable, the stage set awesome, and the singing and dancing were spot on! I love her little people fan club!😉
So proud of all the hard work the kids put in everyday after school! And they all had a blast…which was the best part of all.

Friday night was opening night. Thought I’d share with you this outfit I wore. I found the sweater at Walmart! It was on the clearance rack for 7$!!!! I almost walked right past it! The stores are gearing up for spring so I recommend you go take a peak at the clearance racks…we just got 2 inches of snow…so winter is not done! And I love a good bargain!!!!

I ended up wearing boots because its cold out. I also paired it with this rose gold puffer vest. I just found this at TJ Maxx for 8$!! (and sorry about the dirty mirror…I just now noticed it…we have kids…need I say more…ha!)
I also found this coral wallet at TJ Maxx for 15$! I was in dire need of a new one…my old one was worn out! I can never find anything TJ Maxx…so I was thrilled to find these!

They had two nights of performance. The second night is when all our family and friends came to cheer her on! She had a pretty big fan section! She definitely felt loved! Here’s what I wore for night 2.

This adorable dress I found at Ross (I never have luck at Ross either…I just hit the jackpot apparently!) for 12$! I paired it with dark brown leggings and boots. I can’t wait to wear it in the summer with pair of flip flops! It’s super light weight.

Congratulation to all the kids, faculty and parents! It was a fun show to watch!

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