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Snowed In!

Well we all got up, rushed around and got ready for church this past Sunday morning. Only to decide 5 minutes before walking out the door that we weren’t going to make it in after all. We have a 4 wheel drive truck that sits outside of our garage (our garage houses 2 cars). My husband went out to find a dead battery. Welp…no taking that vehicle! There was just enough snow on the driveway to make it slippery. Our driveway slants down toward our garage…so we always back the cars in. It’s kinda like a ramp coming up out of the garage. Normally we don’t think a thing about it…except when it’s slippery. Just last week I pulled out in one of our cars and slid backwards in a tiny amount of snow and almost hit our other parked car…which would have really really sucked! Two crashed cars…both ours…both our fault…not good! But luckily I saved it and inched my car back into it’s proper spot without damaging either car…whew!! That was not fun! So the decision to stay in was an easy one. My hubby went out later in the after noon after it stopped snowing and shoveled us a clean, dry, non slippery surface to get out of the garage!

We all changed into sweats, the hubs and I grabbed a cup of coffee, and we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched a Matt Chandler sermon from the Village Church, from the series Heaven on Earth titled The Promise Fulfilled. We enjoyed our family time(well my 9 year old was bored and was missing her kids church) and it ended up being a great snowed in Sunday morning with an awesome message. But since I got all dolled up for church I wanted to show you the dress I found at Ross for 12$! It was my turn to serve at the Information Desk…so I try to look a little nicer on those days…the days I don’t serve I wear jeans.

Isn’t this cute?! Paired with red boots from Target and some red jewelry!

Maybe I’ll wear it next Sunday! lol!😂
This would be cute in the spring/summer with sandals! It’s super light weight and so comfortable! Plus it was only 12$!!!! Score!

Well I guess it wasn’t a total waste…since I got to share it with you all! Have a wonderful day! Blessings!


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