Home Spa Day!

Hello there friends! Doesn’t that sound marvelous and inviting?! As a busy mom I know I love a good “spa” treatment! A moment to wash away all the days stressors and just relax for a bit! Treating yourself not only benefits you but taking some me time benefits all those around you! I know I’m better at listening, slower to speak, and slower to anger if I’ve taken a little self care here and there! These are just routines I enjoy doing and what works for me and my face and my skin! I love reading about what others do, and picking up some ideas along the way! So I hope this benefits you in that way!

In addition to a previous post about skin care…I also exfoliate twice a week, in the shower, just because its easier! I use the ELF Exfoliating Scrub. It’s so good at getting rid of the little dry flakes that winter so kindly leaves behind. It makes my face feel fresh and scrubbed clean.

Weekly spa routine!

I also love love love this ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask! The wand is great for applying the mask to your face. Then sit back and relax and feel the bubbles eating away all the yuck on your face! When it’s done bubbling, I use my fingers and rub it in and then rinse it off. After the mask I like to apply an eye mask. I usually just pick some up when I’m out and about. I like them all about the same so I don’t have a “to do die for” eye mask to recommend. I do my mini spa day on Sunday nights…I feel like it hits the reset button for the new week! It’s like I’m saying, “LETS DO THIS FACE!” lol! 👊🏻

Monthly spa routine!

I drink a TON of teas and coffees…they are totally my crutch! So the 1st of every month I use a teeth whitener. I have one for the tops and one for the bottoms. I get them from my dentist. I also do some kind of a facial mask once a month (or more if I’m feeling like I need it). I love using the facial roller and massaging the mask into my face. It feels heavenly! Here’s a link for mine:

Rose Quartz Facial Roller – Anti-Aging Face Skin Massager – Double End Rolling Skincare Beauty Tool for Smoothing, Brightening, Tightening, Firming Wrinkles, Fine Lines

I really hope you take some time out of your busy week and enjoy some simple spa time. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Just grab yourself a facial mask and an eye mask and relax. Happy rejuvenating!


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