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Student Ministry Is Where It’s At!

Student Ministry (7th-12th). It’s where all the cool people hang out! 😉Our student ministries in our church is an amazing group of people. From our students, to our Pastors, and to our leaders, they are all extraordinary folks!

Last summer I was asked by a very good friend of mine (who just happens to be our Youth Pastor’s wife) to consider being a small group leader for what our church calls Fusion. Fusion is made up of Middle School and High School students. Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers are separated. When you agree to be a Fusion High School leader, you agree to take a group of freshman girls (because I’m a woman…men leaders take the boys) and walk with them through life until they graduate high school. That means we get to hang out in our small group every Sunday night at Fusion(where we play games, sing songs, and hear a message and then talk about how to apply that to our lives). It means that I get to have them over to my house and have game nights, and Christmas parties, and BBQ’s. They get to be a part of my family…eat with me, my kids and my husband. Just love on them and let them know they have someone fighting for them in their corner…and we build relationships with their parents sometimes too.

I have never felt so ill equipped to say yes to something in all my life. lol! Four years is quiet the commitment! Because what do I know? My oldest is a 7th grade middle schooler…I know nothing about the ins and outs of high school “nowa days.” Cause lets be real…my high school experience is nothing like what my kids will experience. Cell phones were just becoming a thing…I carried a gigantic “bag” phone in my car at 16!! lol! So how could I possibly lead girls through high school??

So I prayed about it and talked to my husband about it…for a long time! I decided it was totally out of my comfort zone but I said yes anyway. And lets be clear…I said yes for a selfish reason. I do have a 12 year old (and another one after her) and I wanted to be knowledgable of what was coming down the pipe for them. I have a tendency to be naive and see the world through pollyanna glasses…which isn’t always bad nor always good. So what better way to be in the know than to walk through it.

I have been involved for almost a year now…and it was the best decision! I have an amazing group of girls. And I love them all dearly. These girls open up, and we talk about the hard things in life. I’m growing spiritually(cause we all know you grow the most when you are uncomfortable, ha!)…they challenge me. They want to be bold and stand for Jesus in their schools, with their peers, in their sports, with their families, and on social media. I get to walk with them through what that looks like. They have the biggest hearts and analytically thinking minds. We hold each other accountable! They show up..for each other. They have so much of this world bombarding them every second of every day…we all do. All because of the devise we carry in our pockets. So we are navigating life together.

So if I could be an encouragement to you…teenagers are awesome. If you have bandwidth to get to know some teenagers…do it! Or pray for your local teens! Pray for the teenagers in your community, in your church. They really are phenomenal human beings. My extra kids are such a blessing to me and my family.

At Fusion this past Sunday I got a lot of compliments on my sweatshirt…so I thought I’d share it with you too! 😉

I love the color block, I love the hood, and its super soft…warm and snuggly! I think it came from TJ Maxx.

Have a great day and thanks for reading and letting me share a little snippet about some awesome teens I know and a decision I made to be uncomfortable!



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