Crushing Cardio

Cardio…I hate it yet I love it! This week I decided I needed to switch up my workouts. I workout from home and for the last month I have been doing Autumn Calabrese’s A Little More Obsessed. These workouts are designed to follow 80 Day Obsession which I finished about a month ago. A Little More Obsessed is 6 workouts, and they are awesome. I’ve been doing them for a month now and I can start to tell that my body is used to them. So it’s time to switch gears. I decided for a week or two I’m going to do some straight cardio..Lord help me now! lol! I love Autumn’s workouts because they are mostly lifting but she does it in a manner that your heart feels like its doing cardio, and I got great results. But for lifting be affective, I’ll need to rest it So that’s a win win!

Lifting weights is super important to me. Osteoporosis is common in my family. My mom (who’s only 59 and goes to the gym 3 times a week) already has the onset of osteopenia. I know what’s coming my way so I’m trying to stay ahead of it. Lifting helps strengthen bones. So it’s critical I keep lifting. But for now I’m going to do some cardio…tighten those laces and lets get it done.

This morning I did a 40 minute workout and burned 302 calories…lol! It felt so good…just what my body needed. I am no fitness instructor or coach but I do believe if exercising is just something you do every day you get to know what your body needs. Everyone is different so everyone’s needs are going to be different. It’s all about trial and error…and figuring it out!

I switched over to Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire. Holy cow! They have a ton of energy, lol! I really like the workouts. They are super fun! She jams to music while throwing punches. It’s like a mix between kickboxing and dancing. My kids were looking at me like “what on earth are you doing mom?” and then they gave me a smirk…lol! I don’t least they are witnessing how important it is to maintain good health!😉 I’ll give these a go for awhile and then I think I’m going to start 80 Day Obsession over again! It was such a great program. Check it out! I’ll link them but I actually have a Beachbody On Demand membership…so I stream them…I don’t have hardcopies.

So if you exercise regularly and start to feel yourself plato…switch it up! And have fun while doing it! Happy sweating!


Beachbody 80 Day Obsession Accessory Bundle

Turbofire Deluxe Workout Set of 3 Program Books (Turn Up The Burn, Fuel The Fire, The 5-Day Inferno Plan)

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