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Busy Birds

Hi Friends! I just wanted to share a sweet moment with you. I was making a hot beverage for myself when I noticed outside my dining room window that the birds were making a huge fuss. So I stopped just for a moment to watch…and this is what I saw….

Not one but two sweet little Chickadees eating from our feeder!

How many times do we actually stop to watch the birds?! Take time out and actually breathe?! Actually see…I mean really see all that God has given us in this life. The beauty of this earth.? The peace in the small things? Before we know it, life has passed us by! Just yesterday I was saying….I cannot believe it’s March!! Wasn’t Christmas just yesterday? How are my kids in the 4th quarter already? I mean, we just started 4th and 7th grade a few months ago! We are so busy…and we really try hard to not be busy. But that’s just the ages and the stage our kids are at right now. We are getting really good at saying no to things(notice I typed getting)…but we didn’t used to be. And we haven’t arrived yet…I’m not sure we ever will. Even saying no to really good things is hard to do but it’s totally necessary. I heard it once said “if Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Because when we are busy (even with super good, fulfilling things), the things that should be our number one priority gets pushed to the back burner. Like Jesus, our spouse, our marriage, our friendships, our family time…the list could go on…

So dear sweet friends…just breathe, for one moment today, and watch some birds, or stop and be thankful for the sunshine, or the rain, or the snow. Notice someone’s outfit and tell them how nice they look. Smile and hold the door open for someone. It’s good for the soul…there’s a reason Jesus says ” be still and know.” I have a bar necklace with that simply stamped on it. It’s one of my favs. And such a good and timely reminder…always. So breathe today…for you!

Oh and remember that hot beverage I was making for myself?! Well here it is…

London Fog Latte! Mmmmmm good!

I’ve always wanted to try a London Fog! I stumbled upon this at the grocery. So of course I picked it up and brought it home with me. I have no reference as to what one tastes like out…but this diy version was awesome and very tasty! Now I can’t wait to try one at our local coffee shop! I followed the directions on the side, and used milk and made it hot. So good! So go make yourself a hot beverage and stop and watch some busy birds!



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