Outfits For Busy Days

Busy has been my middle name the last few days! I’ve had small group, AR party at school, and a Date Night just to name a few places I’ve been! I’ve taken a few snaps of the outfits I’ve worn and wanted to quickly share them with you here!

Classic chambray, with camo joggers, and a grey v-neck fitted tee, paired with some new rose gold keds! Gold jewelry to accessorize! This is what I wore to small group…just sitting around in this, chatting about Jesus with some of my favorite people!

I could seriously live in this outfit…beyond comfortable!!!

Next up…

This Tommy Hilfiger white and grey polka dots sweater, paired with grey jeans, white keds, and green accent jewelry! I didn’t know paint would be involved with the kids…I can’t believe I didn’t get a drop on me while wearing this white sweater! LOL!

I wore this to the AR party and then the hubs and I had a Date Night(a new post coming on Date Night soon, stay tuned)! AR, or Accelerated Readers is a program my youngest has at her school. It’s a great program and encourages kids to read. Mine need no encouragement…lol…but AR is super fun! At this AR party (you have to have so many point, which are collected by reading books and taking online quizzes on them, to attend) the kids made dinosaurs for the Book Fair that will be next week. They will decorate the library! So fun! The kiddos loved this…I mean who doesn’t love to paint! 😉But oh the mess! 😳But us moms got it cleaned up in a jiffy!

They turned out so cute! The kids cut out the dinosaur pieces from printed card stock, had help stapling it to the paper plate(half), and then painted them! They are going to look so cute hanging in the library! We had 74 kids at this party!! Great job guys!!

Okay…back to the fashion😉

I love this green military jacket paired with these pieces…it was a bit chilly out so I needed something light so I wouldn’t freeze!

I have to tell you about this backpack purse! I am in LOVE! I’ve never really carried a backpack purse but I have been lately and now I don’t think I can go back to regular purses…at least not for everyday! I carry a water bottle everywhere(the swell brand..its the best!👇🏻) so my purses have to be large and then I just fill it up with everything else under the sun! My shoulder really started hurting carrying all the unnecessary things so I decided to try a backpack! Problem solved! You can carry it on one shoulder, or two, or on your forearm…best of all the worlds! Plus it looks really cute! I’m all about comfort, functionality, and cuteness! I’m currently on the hunt for a “spring” one!

S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17 oz

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to read!



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