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Date Night!

Oh Date Night!! How we look forward to you every month! The hubs and I set aside the first Friday of every month to work on our marriage, to spend time with each other, and just have fun! We actually just talked about the frequency of date nights (while we were out together) and I think we may try to increase it to twice a month! Ideally we would love to have a date night once a week…but you parents out there know how hard that is! Just increasing it to twice a month is going to be a challenge for us! But it’s something that is sooooo important to do! We are getting to the age where we have friend couples who’s kids are in high school and they have their own social agendas or they are going off to college…and it’s so sad and so hard to hear how these friends sit across the table from their spouse and don’t know them. They have had a “kid centered” house/marriage for the last 18+ years and now they are paying the price. It breaks my heart. And it scares me! When our girls leave the nest (and in my mommas heart, I really don’t want that day to ever come) I want it to be an exciting time for us… a new chapter…not a freak out session because I really don’t know the man I married anymore. So we have date nights! We want our home to be marriage centered…that’s how God designed it to be. If our home is marriage centered, it benefits everyone. When our kids see us making our marriage a priority, it actually gives them a place that they know and feel is safe and loving. And when kids feel that way, they thrive.

Most of the time date night is nothing fancy…on a few occasions we have gone into the city or go to the theater, or something special like that. But usually we go out to dinner closer to home, and then leisurely window shop around town hand in hand. Most of the time we end up going to a book store and grabbing a coffee and just roaming and relaxing in that awesome atmosphere. For whatever reason we always end up in HOME DEPOT!!! lol!!!! I mean…how romantic is that? lol! I will admit, we are in the middle of a whole home remodel so this past date night we did pick out the new tile for the kitchen backsplash…which was fun! 😉Then to top it all off we usually grab ice cream at our favorite place, Annies or grab a few cupcakes at The Cup or Jilly’s. We almost never go to the movies…I want to talk…and so does he…and that’s usually frowned upon at the show. So we save movies for family nights at home.

We talk about our days. We talk about the girls. If either of them are having issues with anything, we talk about it(we talk about it with them as well but sometimes it’s nice to “freely” talk without little listening ears). We talk about our goals…family, financial, personal, work related. We talk about our dreams and what we are wishing for (like I’m dreaming of days of NO MORE REMODELING). We talk through our summer plans. Our girls have birthdays coming up soon, so we talked about that. Just the boring every day stuff. We laugh and joke and poke fun at each other…we just really enjoy each others company…no matter what we may doing. But just by doing that…it makes us feel closer and grow closer. To have a conversation without interruptions is bliss. To really hear his heart and his mind is so insightful. It makes me a better wife because I know (with that little knowledge) how to love him better. We try and out love the other person (we are a bit competitive…in a good way😉), now it’s not always sunshine and roses…because we are human…and this is real life. But at the end of the day he knows I’m in his corner and I know he’s in mine. We pray together every night before we fall asleep…we usually argue about who’s turn it is…lol…but it’s really hard to stay mad at someone when you hear them praying for you. I’ve heard it said, “Those who pray together stay together.” It’s just another way we really get to hear the other persons heart beat. And a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken (wife+husband+Jesus)!

For Valentines Day I found a jar of date night ideas…and I thought it would be fun to do, so I got it for my hubs. I couldn’t wait to pull the little card out of the jar and see what we would be doing for the night! I’m guessing some will be lame, some will be fun, and some impossible…but we are just going to have fun and roll with it!

Drum roll please……….Make a heart-shaped pizza together…awww…so sweet! LOL! Well one of the things I love about date is not having to cook! So that was off the table…but…there’s a new pizza place that just opened in town called MOD. We’ve been wanting to try it. So we did that instead! At least we kept the “pizza” theme!! 😉

The Caspian…chicken, bacon, BBQ, feta and onions…divine!

OH MY WORD!! It was so yummy! I got the (specialty) Caspian and the hubs did a DIY. It was crazy reasonable in price too…only 16$ for 2 pizzas, and they don’t charge for extra toppings so you can get however much you want! Super cool atmosphere! Hip and fun, and the employees were chanting songs…lol! I have a feeling we will be visiting quiet frequently! It was super fast, and they were busy! They have outdoor seating that I can’t wait to go try when this weather warms up a bit!

Me and my handsome man enjoying some crazy cupcakes that had ZERO calories! 😉

I hope you’ve been encouraged to take some time out of busy schedules and go out on the town for a bit! Enjoy each other! Happy dating!



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