Hi friends! I just had to share with you this devo that I just finished! It was soooo good that I just ordered a different one by the same author!

Hosea by Jennifer Rothschild

In this study Jennifer walks you through the book of Hosea. In this book of the Bible, a love story unfolds about a man named Hosea, a prostitute named Gomer, and their unusual marriage . But their marriage is just like the relationship we have with God. God cherishes us yet we run from him. I don’t want to give away too much of the story because you’ve got to go read this for yourself. It’s a shorter book and won’t take you long. In fact, I was sad when this devotional ended. The study is designed to last 6 weeks…that’s way too short! lol! I will tell you as well that this study is designed to be done in a group setting and has a video that you can purchase…which would be awesome. But I couldn’t wait for that to happen so I just did it on my own. I put it on my Christmas list and I got it!! And I’m soooo thankful!

What I love about Jennifer’s writing style is that she writes as if she’s sitting down having a cup of coffee with you. She explains Hosea so well…so you can understand it. She brings in pieces of history and paints a vivid picture of what’s going on in that time period. When you bring historical facts into a study it makes the Bible come alive! After reading this devotional, I now have a great understanding of what was going on in Hosea’s culture and where it was going on…like literally on a map!

She also does a wonderful job of brining the story full circle and putting it in your lap…so you can see yourself in this story. She gives you insights and thought provoking ideas as to how we can apply this story to our lives in the 21st century. I laughed out loud…and I cried. She was an awesome platform for God to really pull on my heart strings.

I have also had several opportunities to go spend a few weekends with Jennifer Rothschild and listen to her speak through her Fresh Grounded Faith conferences. She really does a phenomenal job of filling up your cup with God’s love. That’s actually where I first learned about this devotional. If you don’t know anything about her…google her…she has an amazing story. She also has a podcast that I listen to…it’s called the 4:13 Podcast…go give it a listen! As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of hers!

I am always on the look out for a great devotional…so when I find one I’m sure gonna tell everyone about it!lol! šŸ˜€Thanks for stopping by and giving this a read!

Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything (Member Book) (Bible Study)

Psalm 23 – Bible Study Book: The Shepherd With Me



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