Kids Hair Styles!

Hi all! I just wanted to pop on and share the hair styles I do frequently on my girls. These are super simple and takes about 5 minutes to do! Fast, simple, and cute…need I say more! And they kinda look like braids but they aren’t!

The first one is a side split…I feel like actual braids take longer. For me, I can do these faster than I can braid. You need a handful of the hair ties (the small elastic hair rubber bands)…like these👇🏻

1500 Pieces Clear Rubber Hair Bands Hair Elastics Ties with Free Box for Girls Hair (Clear)

And then you also need an alligator clip…like these👇🏻

Xtava Styling Hair Clips for Women – 12 pcs Professional Plastic Hair Sectioning Clips – Durable Alligator Hair Clip with Nonslip Grip and Wide Teeth for Easy Styling of Thick and Thin Hair

How darling is this?!

Start right above the ear with one little piece of hair and put in a tie. Right next to it do the same thing. Now go back to the first tie and split the hair, grab the second tie placing it between the first two strands of hair. Secure it on top of the head with a clip. Make another section of hair adding the first strands in it and put in a tie…and then repeat till the end. Once at the end, go back and gently pull on the loops to make them as big as you want. I am happy to show you a video if you are interested. Just let me know in the comments! I know it probably sounds confusing reading it…but once you see it…I know you’ll agree it’s easy!

Adorable! I can do this on myself (although I haven’t yet with my shorter hair…so I’ll have to give it a try) but I can not for the life of me braid my own hair…which is super frustrating and annoying…lol!!! If I can still pull this off I’ll post it so you can see it on an adult!

Now on to my other daughter. Same kind of idea…still need the elastic ties…but no alligator clip. This is just a fancy pony tail. But still super cute just the same!

Put in a regular pony tail. The split the pony top and bottom. Take the top chunk of hair and put in a tie. In that small section of hair above the tie stick your finger in the middle of it and make a hole wide enough to pull the bottom chunk of hair through. Once through, tie it with an elastic. Repeat. Once you are at the end of the pony go back and gently pull on the loops making them as big as you want them. And done! I can show you a video of this too if you’d like!

I literally did these both in about 10 minutes before walking out the door to church! Super cute, super fast, and super easy! I hope you give it a go! Cheers!


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