Game Changer

Hi friends! We made it to the weekend! WOOHOO!

I just recently started changing the way I fold tee shirts and it’s a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!! I wanted to share this how to with you…just in case you have messy drawers…but maybe we are the only ones with messy drawers! lol!!

You want to make all your tee shirts resemble “files.” And after you fold them…you “file” them away in your drawer. Once finished you can see what each shirt is…because how many times do we grab for shirt in our drawers and never wear the ones on bottom… you don’t even remember what’s down there in the abyss! With this method you can see each and every one of your shirts. Plus…it’s super easy to put a shirt back if you decide not to wear it or are putting clean clothes away! I used my husbands stash…just because they are bigger and easier to see how to fold (he wears a medium just so you can judge spacing)! Here’s my attempt at showing you…😉

First fold one half to the middle of the shirt, repeat on the other side. Then from the bottom fold up to the bottom of the sleeves. Then fold from the bottom to leave half of the sleeves showing. Then from the bottom fold to meet the top of the sleeves. And the last pic of my hand is so you can judge the size of the “file”.

Here they are inside the drawer. When they are all clean…17 shirts (or files 🙂) are in this drawer!!!! This is so much better than the non-system we had before…lol! I bought the organizers a while back on amazon…they are game changers too! What you see here are his tee shirts, work out clothes, and then work socks. Now he can see what he’s grabbing and it’s so much easier for me to put his clothes away after they are laundered! Anything I can do to make my life (and yours) easier…I am all about!! Have a great weekend and happy folding!


Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set, Gray

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