Purple and Teal!

Hi guys! The end of this week has been a whirl wind over here! I snapped a few pictures of the outfits I wore the last few days and realized I apparently have had purple and teal on my brain! Ha! The first outfit I wore to a church function and the second one I wore to run some errands and to small group! Both are super chill and comfy! And both are purple and teal! lol! Have a look…

Dark skinny jeans, purple dolman top, cream cardigan sweater, brown shortie boots and fun purple and teal jewelry! The cardigan and shirt are from Stitch Fix! I have a membership and love it! I love it so much that I signed my girls up too! Which is a fantastic win for us both…they hate to shop, so we try stuff on at home (it comes in the mail) and if it fits and they like it, we keep it! We return what we don’t want/like which is easy! Score! I’ll have to share our fix the next time they come!

The dolman is super cute in the winter, fall, spring and summer…with shorts or capri’s too! I love clothes that are versatile for all the seasons!

This pretty pink nail color goes great with it all! And I love the names…lol! Unicorns R Real!! Ha!

The second purple outfit…purple sweatshirt, casual skinny jeans, bright crocs, and teal jewelry! My family was like…”WOW!” those shoes are kinda bright! lol! I was like…thanks! 😉😂They look like Sperry’s…but they are crocs! And I hate crocs…but I love these! They are light weight and comfortable!

Teal nails to top it off! Wondermint! I love spring colors! Bright and cheery colors make me happy! I hope you are having great spring like weather this weekend! Enjoy it!


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