Stitch Fix

Hi all!! Wow…spring has sprung around here! Spring is such a busy time for us! We have sports that are overlapping (for a short while…soccer and golf), both of my girls birthdays, Easter, soccer tournaments, and the list goes on…whew! It’s kinda exhausting but totally worth it!

I wanted to share with you about Stitch Fix! I have mentioned it in a few of my other posts but I wanted to go all out today! My youngest daughter’s fix came yesterday! And we were both super excited! As I’ve mentioned before…both of my girls hate to shop…so dragging them from store to store isn’t fun for any of us. With Stitch Fix, your stylists picks out clothes for you based on the profile you fill out and sends it right to your house. We can try on at home, keep what we like and send back whatever we want with no extra cost! They even send a prepaid/labeled bag in your box for returns. You pay $20 per fix and set a frequency of how often you want it to come. Ours are all set to come quarterly. Whatever you keep, the $20 gets applied to your purchases. And I always keep something! With the kids fix you are sent 10 pieces. If you keep all 10 pieces you get to take off an extra 25%! They have an app so checking out is super easy and fast. In my opinion it’s a pretty sweet deal! The pieces are high quality and wash well!

They come so neatly packaged! It’s fun to tear into the box and see what’s inside! Kid shoes always come in a zippered pouch, like the one pictured here. So she was sent a pair of shoes (darling!), a dress, leggings, several tee shirts, shorts, and a cardi! Take a look!


Look at how cute these pieces are!! The shorts are super soft! The navy ones are almost like a skirt…they have a little swag in them! The tees are super comfy too! And this all fits! The stylist did a great job with choices and sizes! The cardigan will be awesome for the spring transition. We kept all of this except the unicorn shirt. My daughter rides horses so she would rather have a real horse on her shirt than a fake one! 😂


Isn’t this tee a hoot! We were laughing looking at this one…so it’s a for sure keeper! We also kept the hooded sweatshirt…it is super soft and unique and will also be a good transition piece…wear it with shorts on warmer spring days or jeans/leggings on cooler spring days!

so pretty!

And last but not least…this three quarter length dress and leggings. We are keeping the dress…she wants to wear it for Easter and I totally agree. She’ll wear it with some pink leggings we actually got from her last fix. We didn’t keep these leggings…we have the exact same pair from her last fix…but they have emoji’s on them instead of cacti and flamingos. And we didn’t keep the shoes…they are so adorable on and fit perfectly. She was just afraid she wouldn’t wear them much since we are coming upon flip flop season…wise girl! 😉

To give you an idea of price…we got the dress, 2 shorts, 2 tees, sweatshirt, and cardi for $122.39! Not bad in my opinion! All the pieces are high quality, look adorable on, are super comfortable to wear, and are unique. No twinning for this girl! Win for daughter win for mom! Hope you enjoyed this stitch fix! Mine is on it’s way so I’ll give you a peek at that one too! Have a fabulous day!

If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try click on the link below! It’s a referral so I’ll get a $25 credit and you will get a $25 credit too!! How cool is that!



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