April Fools! A little late!

Hi friends! April is off to a break neck speed for us! So I’m a bit behind with all the fun things I have to share with you! First up is an April Fools joke I played…and I am not a jokester so this came off splendidly! lol!

The evening of April 1st, fish was cooking in the oven…and everyone knows when we are having fish because the aroma fills the house and it is unmistakable! lol!

So I call everyone to the table saying dinner is ready…and this is what they find…

Spaghetti?!?! But I smell fish???

And the look on their faces was priceless….

Are you serious?! LOL!

The face when you are expecting something salty and get sweet!

It’s CAKE! Our local bakery made them especially for April Fool’s Day! The Spaghetti and Meatballs dish was really chocolate cake as the meatballs, vanilla buttercream for the noodles, vanilla cake as the base, white chocolate as the parmesan cheese, green coconut as the parsley flakes, and raspberry and strawberry as the “sauce”.

This was a total hit! Everyone loved it…plus it tasted fabulous! Who doesn’t want cake before fish! ha! Maybe I do have it in me to be a jokester! 😉lol! Hope this made you smile! Happy April!



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