Stitch Fix #2

Hello there pals! Stitch Fix #2 is here! This time it was for my oldest daughter. She is in that hard stage where she’s too old for kids clothes but yet not old enough for some adult clothes. So I was eager to see what her stylist put together for her. Like her sister’s fix, she was sent 10 pieces. Same rules apply…you pay the 20$ styling fee and apply that to anything you keep, plus if you purchase all of it you get to take an additional 25%! Take a look at what she got!

Two neat little stacks of clothes!

About the first two shirts…the pink flamingos is super cute but it’s a crop top. She is very modest so this wasn’t going to work for her…we tried to put a long tank under it and it just looked goofy…so it went back. The second shirt is about dinos…which is way too kiddish…so back it went to. See…even the pro’s have a hard time styling teens! Makes me feel better! lol! The yellow dress though…oh my…adorable! She wants to wear it for Easter and I think it will be darling…and it’s very flattering on her.

These next two are athleisure wear! The first is a super soft sweatshirt with a twist back and floral joggers. She loved the sweatshirt but she’s not into florals. The sweat shirt was pretty heavy…and it was 76 degrees here today…so the first outfit went back too. The second was a keeper. A thin long sleeve wicking shirt and leggings…super cute and comfy and can still be worn this spring!

How cute is this dress! Unfortunately we didn’t keep it. It was a size 10/12 which is way too small and it’s floral. The tee and skinny jeans were cute too. However…she’s not into skateboarding and she wishes the jeans were shorts so no need to keep either of those.

So we only ended up keeping the shirt, leggings, and yellow polkadot dress. The total came to $72.00, we took off the $20.00 and added a sales tax of $4.51 for a grand total of $56.51! I am happy with that and she is happy with her new spring items!

To get $25 off your first stitch click here!👇🏻

Happy Fixing!


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