This Is Ten!

My baby girl just turned 10!!! How is this possible?! She is so kind hearted, cares about everyone, is fun, and full of joy! For her birthday treat she wanted to take in donuts for her class. So I found these super cool printables on Pinterest and went to work! I found them courtesy of Eighteen25

How cute is this?!

We took one donut stick and one glazed donut and placed them in a ziplock baggie. Sealed it up and stapled the topper to one side of the baggie tab (or else you will have a ziplock baggie stapled shut and 25 kids needing help getting it opened…lol!).

That’s a lot of donuts! Ha! There are 24 kids in her class but she wanted a few extra to pass around to her favorite teachers and principal (very thoughtful)!

She requested Subway for lunch so I took her that and the donuts…I’d say all in all a pretty good day for her!

She has a wonderful class full of awesome friends! Makes my momma heart happy! Then the whole cafeteria sang to her during lunch…she was slightly embarrassed…which is the middle picture! 😉😂

Birthday morning was a lot of fun too! Take a look….

Happy 10th Birthday Sweetpea!

She requested Nutella Cinnarolls (recipe in previous post…in Meals drop down) for breakfast and Dad’s special chicken wings for dinner! She also requested she open her presents from us before all the family showed up for her and her sisters joint party! You can barely see her over her mound of presents! lol! She was very happy with all her loot! She made out like a bandit! HA! She is one precious girl! Can’t wait to see what 10 brings…but I really wish time would slow down!



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