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Coming Of Age Walk About!

You are probably thinking….a what?! What is this mumbo jumbo title?! Well let me tell you about it. Our oldest daughter is turning 13. And God has laid it on my heart lately to do something special for her. I’m a huge romantic and love things of the past. The “coming out parties” or “walkabout” or “right of passage” ceremonies have always intrigued me. So I began thinking what could I do in 2019 that would be something of a right of passage for my daughters as they become teenagers. And this is what I came up with.

This past Sunday we had a joint birthday party for my girls. Their birthdays are only 4 days apart (and 3 years) so for the family party we always just have one honoring them both.

I asked family members to write her a note telling her what God given characteristics they saw in her, their hopes and dreams for her future, and advise for her as she enters her teenage years. Then we took a hike. We all met at our local watershed, our oldest not knowing what was going on…it was a surprise. This hike represented all the literal ups and downs she will face on the path through her teenage years. Each person walked her a little distance and then passed her off to the next person waiting on the trail, which signified that we will always be by her side along her journey. Everyone read or gave their letter to her.

Once we got to the top, there is a pavilion where we prayed over her and gave her a necklace.

On the necklace, the tree’s branches represents each of us in her family. The cooper piece has Philippians 4:13 engraved on it which is “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” With Jesus and her family hanging closer to her heart…she is going to rock her teenage years…and when she doesn’t, we will be there for her!

After our hike we went back to our house for cake pops, ice cream, and cheese cake…per the girls requests! We had a wonderful party with family, with all kinds of tears, hugging and laughter….and the Coming Of Age Walk About was so meaningful for everyone…especially the teenager! She was blown away by everyones words. She will cherish that day forever! I will put all of her notes and letters in a binder for her so she can always come back and reread her words of encouragement and truth. And when our youngest reaches 13 we will do the same for her! I hope this encourages you to do something out of the ordinary and pour into your kids…cause goodness they need it “in a time such as this….”

Happy Walking About!


The necklace was handmade by Heartfelt Tokens. She did a custom order for me. And it’s beautiful and perfect for our occasion. You can find her on Etsy:

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